About Us

Innovation from the beginning

Since 1991, the establishment of GRP Plasticorr Kft., it has been proving its unique solutions in the market of industrial composite technologies. From the very beginning, our own research and development work has played a central role in the life of the company. As a result we have developed a product family for composite coating system under the brand name PLASTIMOL®. Since then, our coatings have been widely used in domestic and international industry to extend the life of storage tanks. Plastimol® has proven over the years to be a better technical solution for processes based on traditional structural materials, as it can reliably deal with corrosion and structural stability problems in one step. Strengthens and protects at the same time.

Beyond Coatings

Our business today goes beyond coatings made of composites. We have entered the market with storage tanks made using purely polymer-based associated systems, as well as self-supporting chemical and oil industry structural elements. For instance, we have developed a composite tank top suitable for replacing the steel roof structure of stationary cylinders with a diameter of 9-12 m, which has a third weight and twice the service life of steel.

Moreover, as part of the rehabilitation R&D program for high-pressure gas pipes, we developed a repair procedure that allows the pipelines to be repaired without downtime. The strength properties of the repaired pipe are significantly better than those of the original, faultless steel pipe.

Harmony of industry and environment

The cornerstone of GRP Plasticorr’s corporate philosophy has been its commitment to the environment. We only introduce and apply modern environmentally friendly technologies. For example, the double-walling of underground and above-ground hazardous storage tanks and the renovation of tank parks make it possible to prevent soil and water pollution. But the in-service refurbishment of high-pressure process pipelines also ensures the protection of the environment and human life. Our laboratory tests provide the conditions for constant high quality and environmental protection. The selection of our methods based solely on the results of our own research and development work provides the framework for sustainable development. We therefore consider it our fundamental duty to prevent pollution.

When experience meets young drive

In 2021, there was a big change in the history of the company. GRP Plasticorr has become a 100% family business. The son of Vilmos Kajtár owner, Máté Kajtár joined the company. Thanks to his many years of experience in corporate leadership, he has brought a new mindset to the management of the company.

“It is a special feeling and an exciting challenge to run a family business. But I believe in the bright future of GRP Plasticorr. My basic philosophy is that we can always find a solution to every professional challenge that can satisfy both the customer and the contractor. That’s why I always strive for perfection and partnership.

Our Awards

HUNGARIAN PRODUCT GRAND PRIZE®; Hungarian EXIM Bank, and the Industorg Trademark Office; PLASTIMOL® coating system family
HEA (Hungarian Jury for the EU Environmental Awards) nomination – European Business Awards for the Environment PRODUCT AWARD category; PLASTIMOL® family
EKO Innovation Environmental Competition; INVENTION Award; Visegrád Countries and Association of Hungarian Inventors; PLASTIMOL®D and PLASTIMOL®PR
EKO Innovation Environmental Competition; ENVIRONMENTAL ART MASKS AWARD; Visegrád countries and the Association of Hungarian Inventors; PLASTIMOL®D and PLASTIMOL®PR
National Office of Intellectual Property INNOVATION AWARD; PLASTIMOL®PR
Seoul International Invention Fair; Korea Invention Promotion Association; GOLD Prize and ARGENT Prize; PLASTIMOL® family