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GRP Plasticorr
March 2011
Second time at STOCEXPO
That was the second time in our company’s life to appear as an exhibitor at STOCEXPO trade fair.

15 June 2004
Manufacturing approval from MBF (Hungarian Safety Authority) of dangerous liquid storage tank internal space allocation.

10 June 2004
Manufacturing approval from MBF (Hungarian Safety Authority) of structural components of dangerous liquid storage tank.

3 June 2004
The Innovation Club held its annual meeting for 2004 at GRP Plasticorr Ltd. premises, after handing over the Innovation Prize for year 2003. In addition to the prize receiving companies, known public personalities and the press were also present.
GRP Plasticorr - against the stream

Our company is committed to create the harmony of industrial and natural environment. For many years, we have been working to resolve the contradiction between the natural world and that created by man. This is often a struggle against the stream, since our procedures serving for protecting our environment - though when compared with traditional methods, are investments with recovery - their real advantages will be enjoyed by our children and grandchildren.

The introduction of our procedures based on our own research-development works, into the - traditionally conservative home industry - was also a struggle against the stream in the beginning. Nevertheless, by today we achieved, that our coating systems and individual structural materials patented under the PLASTIMOL® brand are given enhanced attention by the home industry, and continuously use for coating or upgrading storage tanks to double walled ones.

The oil-and chemical industry has been continuously searching for the solution of their corrosion problems, often using our laboratory background, and our several decades long experience and achieved results in the industrial application of reinforced composites is recognised by their R&D orders.

Finally, but not last: we have to go against the stream of prices, since we have to be able to prove, that a better technical solution does not have to be more expensive than the procedures based on traditional structural materials. The PLASTIMOL® reinforced composite product family developed by us can solve the corrosion and structural strength problems in a single technologic step, that is it reinforces and protects at the same time.
In our cost sensitive industrial environment, selecting the suitable solution from technical and investment point of view becomes more and more important. Even against the stream...

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