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GRP Plasticorr
March 2011
Second time at STOCEXPO
That was the second time in our company’s life to appear as an exhibitor at STOCEXPO trade fair.

15 June 2004
Manufacturing approval from MBF (Hungarian Safety Authority) of dangerous liquid storage tank internal space allocation.

10 June 2004
Manufacturing approval from MBF (Hungarian Safety Authority) of structural components of dangerous liquid storage tank.

3 June 2004
The Innovation Club held its annual meeting for 2004 at GRP Plasticorr Ltd. premises, after handing over the Innovation Prize for year 2003. In addition to the prize receiving companies, known public personalities and the press were also present.

When selecting our suppliers we were led by the principles stated in the philosophy of the firm. We know that the work performed by them determine the quality of our products in the same extent as it is determined ours. We aimed to find the best supplier for each activity - as far as possible.

By the results and the feedback of our customers we can state that our efforts succeeded. These firms are the bests of their profession, choose them again and again.

GKSoft Co.
Planning and Strength Calculations
Top Bróker Ltd.
Insurance Services
Novia Ltd.
Raw materials
Respirátor Plc.
Labour Safety Equipment
Nóniusz Ltd.
Alvin-Plast Ltd.
Raw materials
Messer Hungarogáz Plc.
Design Ltd.
Dangerous Waste Transportation
Visualia Design Studio
Corporate Identity
Tank-Szer Ltd.
Cleaning, Testing, Converting of Tanks