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GRP Plasticorr
March 2011
Second time at STOCEXPO
That was the second time in our company’s life to appear as an exhibitor at STOCEXPO trade fair.

15 June 2004
Manufacturing approval from MBF (Hungarian Safety Authority) of dangerous liquid storage tank internal space allocation.

10 June 2004
Manufacturing approval from MBF (Hungarian Safety Authority) of structural components of dangerous liquid storage tank.

3 June 2004
The Innovation Club held its annual meeting for 2004 at GRP Plasticorr Ltd. premises, after handing over the Innovation Prize for year 2003. In addition to the prize receiving companies, known public personalities and the press were also present.
Laboratory Tests

All products of the GRP Plasticorr Ltd. are results of our own research and development work. This fact resulted in the mentality of our stuff that the qualitative selection of the raw materials has deceisive role in the final performance of
the product.

This mentality postulates for the every days practice the continnuous testing of all raw materials in all steps of the manufacturing process and the possibility of their identification in the end products. In order to fulfill all the cited requirements, GRP Plasticorr Ltd. has established a laboratory for physical and chemical testing of materials.

In this laboratory the following parameters are controlled contunnuously:

 Gel-time and Hardening time of UPE and VE resins (visual and SPI methods),

 Non-combustible material (strengthening and filler)-content determination,

 Chemical test of UPE and VE resin: acid number, OH.number, etc.,

 Solvent (stirene) content determination of UPE and VE resin,

 Viscosity measurement, thixotropy,

 Mechanical tests by DYNSTAT instrument with its own test samples: bending- and impact- tests.

The possibilities of the Test Laboratory is widened continnuously. Our aim is to evolve the present state of art of our instrumentation and testing methodology to be able to control all steps of our all processing technology in order to make more safe all of manufacturing technologies and to reach more constant quality of our product release.