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GRP Plasticorr
March 2011
Second time at STOCEXPO
That was the second time in our company’s life to appear as an exhibitor at STOCEXPO trade fair.

15 June 2004
Manufacturing approval from MBF (Hungarian Safety Authority) of dangerous liquid storage tank internal space allocation.

10 June 2004
Manufacturing approval from MBF (Hungarian Safety Authority) of structural components of dangerous liquid storage tank.

3 June 2004
The Innovation Club held its annual meeting for 2004 at GRP Plasticorr Ltd. premises, after handing over the Innovation Prize for year 2003. In addition to the prize receiving companies, known public personalities and the press were also present.
Tank checks

 Checks required by the regulations - Structural checks of underground and above-ground steel tanks according to the Hungarian regulations


 Vacuum deterioration compactness test - We have developed a method for the internal checking the compactness of storage tanks - with a sensitivity which is by several magnitudes better than that of the traditional liquid filling method


 Compactness testing and fault finding by means of helium pilot gas - This is a method developed by us for the most sensitive integral check of the compactness of storage tanks. The method is also able to identify discrete fault locations